November 2013

With over 30 years’ experience in the Heavy Haulage business Phillip Dyke M.D of Heavy Haul Chelmsford knew what he wanted when specifying a new chassis and equipment, Phillip has already a fleet of 150t Volvo units and knew that the Recovery truck he was about to purchase needed to be up to the job.


With this in mind he contacted his local Volvo dealer and Boniface to make sure the chassis was suitable for his needs.


Heavy Haul (Chelmsford) is a true family run business and is run by Phillip and his wife along with their children Lee and Fay. When visiting their premises the family are very welcoming and are passionate about their business.


Phillip ordered the chassis, a 150t Volvo FH 6x4 with 10t front axle and 16.5t rear axles with the 150t GTW he required, Volvo made the chassis at the correct wheel base and with the options Boniface required to make the installation run smoothly.


The equipment was an easy choice for Phillip to make as he has already had Boniface units in the past and has been pleased with the build quality and service provided by the team at Boniface.


The equipment Phillip chose for this was an Interstater Mk6 H maxi reach, with the 2013 super deluxe body, custom made to suit the chassis, Phillip was more than happy with the performance, style and versatility of the Interstater and the level of equipment supplied.


Pictured are Phillip, Lee and Fay stood proudly in front of their new recovery unit.

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